Used Samco TC-75/1708, 75 Ton Hydraulic Press 32” x 67”

Manufacturer’s Samco TC-75 Specs 1  

Samco TC-75 Specs 2

Specs provided by manufacturer:

Capacity 75 Ton
Bed Size (F-B, L-R) 32″ x 67″
Head Type Full Head
Tray Height 39″
Stroke (Adjustable) 6.8″
Daylight Opening 1.5″ – 8.3″
Down Stroke Speed 5.2 I.P.S.
Up Stroke Speed 4 I.P.S.
Horsepower 10 H.P.
Dimensions:(L x W x H) 110″ x 39.5″ x 71″
Weight 7,000 LBS.

Voltage 230 volt 3ph

Single shuttle table.

Restored to Optimum Running Order


The Samco TC continues the long tradition of its predecessors as a “workhorse” cutting press uniquely suitable for large area cutting applications. The unique, robust reinforced box construction with extensive internal reinforcement ensures minimum deflection.

The patented Samco hydraulic servo-balancing system maintaining head parallelism under all circumstances without imposing stress on the machine – there are no links, bearings, slideways or guides to wear or maintain. The beam motion is dynamically monitored correcting the minutest misalignment and ensuring parallel closure even in applications where the load is not centered. The bottom of stroke position is easily and precisely set electronically via the linear encoder. These features ensure minimum damage to cutting dies, maximize cutting pad life and production uptime.