Used Pedersen 601M-16 100-Ton Full Head Die Cutting Press

  • Used Pedersen 601M-16- restored to optimum running order
  • Cutting Force: 100 Metric (110 U.S.) Tons
  • Cutting Area: 39.4″ D x 63″ W (1000 x 1600 mm)
  • Cutting Stroke: 4.3″ (110 mm)
  • Single Manual Slide Table
  • Polypropylene Cutting Pad
  • Safety Guards
  • 220 volt
  • FULL HEAD PRESS A four-post hydraulic press producing 100 metric (110 U.S.) tons of cutting force, with two cylinders mounted over cross members linked end to end with torsion bars. This mechanical balancing system ensures that the maximum cutting force of the press can be delivered across the entire cutting area of the machine, and keeps the bed and bridge parallel even under asymmetrical (unbalanced) loads, which, in turn, reduces mis-cuts and damaged parts and provides for longer tool and pad life. This hydraulic press can deliver its total force during the entire downstroke.