Used Lyle 40”x40” thermoformer, Lyle 140P2 trim press, available Lyle Preheat Oven for sale

Used Lyle 40 x 40 Thermoformer
Model 140 FH
New in 1995
Max Mold 40”x40”
Top Oven Quartz – 29 Zones total top and bottom
Bottom Oven Carlod –
Draw Depth 6.0”
Platen Stroke 7.0”
Form Station Tonnage 80
Top Platen Drive Air Actuated
Bottom Platen drive Hydraulic Actuated
Controller PLC
 Lyle Trim Press Model 140P2  (1995)
Window Size Opening 40.5” x 14.50”
Back Platen Adjustable 4.5” to 10.5”
Horsepower 10 Hp Dynamatic
Eddy Current Drive Controller Model 3000
Lincoln Lubricator 
Options Available to be quoted separately
Lyle Industries Pre-Heat Oven model 43″ Wide
Programmable Radiant Heat