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Used 2005 Irwin Research 50NT Complete Thermoforming Line 50” x 50”

Model: 50NT

29 Cycle Per Minute

From 12 to 28 parts per Cycle depending on product size

Capable of producing 720 Lbs/Hour


Material Index: 

Maximum Chain Speed: 200″/sec.(5080mm)

Sheet Width: Max 52.5″ (1334mm) Min 30″ (762mm)


Heat Tunnel: 

Length: 160″-220″ (4064-5334mm)

Heating Element: Standard: Cal Rod Optional: Quartz

Temperature Control: B & R Automation, +2 at 600°F +1 at 316° C



Sheet Width: Maximum 52″ Wide (1321mm), Minimum 30″ (762mm)

Maximum Mold Size: 50″ Wide (1270mm), 50″ Long (1270mm)

Depth of Draw: Standard: 2.50″ (64mm), Optional: 3.5″ (83mm)

Press Rating: 60 Tons

Shut Height: Standard: 10″ (254mm), Optional: Up to 14″ (356mm)

Platen Travel: 3.78″ (96mm) Standard


Trim Press:

Maximum 52.” Wide (1321mm), Minimum 30″ (762mm)
Product Depth: Standard: 2.50″ (64mm) Optional: 3.5″
Stroke: 6″ (152mm)
Maximum Cutting Force: 27.5 Tons
Standard Platen Opening: Index Direction: 14″ (356mm), Across Sheet:
Dry Circle Speed: 200 RPM
Servo Pick: Standard
Servo Canopy: Standard
Self Feed Treadle(Auto Start): Standard
Servo Ejector: Optional (Linear Rack Pinion)