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Used Gerber D200 CNC Router 39” x 47” Table

Gerber D200 CNC router

Gerber Dimension 200 Router.
This router is capable of routing materials 35.4″ x 31.4″ and has a 2.25″ z axis travel.
The table size is 39″ x 47″.
You can panel material of any length but the max width is 37″.
Feed rate, 54 IPM, positioning rate 76 IPM. ($24,300 new).

Perske High Frequency Spindle with Speed Controller
Chip Removal System
Stand Assembly with wheels.
Vacuum Shroud/Pressure Foot Assy.
Tooling and step height gauge
Computer with 2D and 3D software.
power requirements 220v single phase.
Comes with end mills and Conical V bits.
Will cut plastics, wood , aluminum, brass, high density foam , corian