Used DMS 5B5-5-18-48SCOLxx 5 Axis Router, 5′ x 12′ Moving Table / Lathe Option

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48” Z

5′ x 12′ Moving table

The machine features a machinning area of 60” x 144”. The base of the machine is 18′ lomg to accomodate the head and tail stock of the 6th axis, and the 144” machining dimension will be centered along the 18′ dimension of the machine.

(1) 11 HP HSD, ISO30 automatic tool change spindle

12 position traveling tool carousel

60” of Z-axis clearance and 48” of Z-axis stroke

8055M Upgrade (includes Turbo Card and Tool Center Point Camp)

Automatic Lubrication System to ways and lead screws

Heavy duty 6th axis – lathe option to accomodate up to 2000 lbs

Automatic tool height setter

Handheld teach pendant

DMS tooling surface with 3/8” threaded inserts on 12” centers