Used Brown Thermoformer M-1800 60” x 96” Gas Oven

Sheet Carrying Shuttle with Track

Air Cylinders for Clamp Frames

Sheet Load Form and Unload Station

Pneumatic Platens

Catalytic Gas Ovens Top and Bottom (8 Zones Each) with 2 Spare Panels

Air Eject Valve

Top Heater Bank Shade Screens

Cooling Fans

Clamp Frame set to 5’x8′ when purchased

Comes with:

Vacuum Tank

Vacuum Pump

Oven Control

Many Spare Parts

Currently, the PLC for the ovens is not operational but the machine can cycle without problem, the PLC just needs repaired/replaced.

We are able to disconnect the machine and do all of the rigging and load onto your truck. Machine is sold as is. Our preference would be to disconnect power under the buyer’s supervision.