Used Brown SR-2525 Inline Thermoformer, 25” x 25” Forming Area, New in 1997


Max Mold Size: 25” x 25”
Max Formed Sheet Size: 25″ x 28″
Top Element Type: Ceramic
Bottom Element Type: Calrod
Number of Oven Zones: 1 top, 2 bottom, 2 preheating, 2 rail heaters
Draw Depth: 4
Platen Drive Type: Servo
Form Press Tonnage: 45 Tons
Platen Drive for Trim Press: Air
Trim Press Tonnage: 100 tons
Servo Indexing? Yes
Controller Make and Model: Operator control console houses the Thermoforming Control SYSCOM II. RS-232 serial communications. Alan Bradley PLC, Indramat amplifier, Indramat IAE 74794 CLM-01.3-A.
Any Upgrades? No
Vacuum Pump HP: 2HP