Used Brown Model 53 Pre-Heat Oven, 53” x 80” Oven, 53” Max Sheet Width

Used Brown Model 53 Pre-Heat Oven

Allows The Material To Expand Naturally
Allows high heat materials

Max Sheet Width:               53” (1346mm)
Oven Size:                    53” x 80”
Oven Configuration:            Single oven quartz panel heaters
Oven Carriage:                   Side roll away
Feed Rolls:                         Variable speed driven
Machine Controls:              PLC processor with push button controls
Oven Controls:                   3 zone for right/center/left side control
Thread-up Feature:            Easy straight through thread up feature
Avg Operational Amps:      235 amps
Approx Unit Dimensions :  200” x 60” x 145 (W x D x H)