Used Brown Four Station Rotary Thermoforming Machine, Model R-244ETS, 108” x 204” Forming Area

(specs provided by owner)

9′ x 17′ forming area

A Cut-sheet, All-electric,

Dimensions, Maximum Mold Size: 114″ X 210″,

Maximum Sheet Size: 116″ X 212″,

Oven Size: 120″ X 216″, Std.

Top Platen Stroke: 60″,

Std. Bottom Platen Stroke: 60″,

Depth Of Draw Above Sheetline 28″

Maximum Sheet Sag Clearance 28″,

Sheetline To Floor: 128″,

Height To The Top Of The Gear Posts: 256″,

Height To The Top Of The Machine Frame: 188″, Height To The Top Of The Gearbox And Motor: 256″,

Footprint: 50’x 50’, Door Opening: 15’ Wide X 14’ High

Seller is flexible with price, if machine can be removed by Nov 15th 2017