Used Brown 3025 Inline Thermoformer 25”x 30” form and trim

Used Brown 3025 Continuous Thermoformer 25”x30”

Specs provided by Brown

Maximum mold size: 30” Wide x 25” Long

Maximum sheet width: 32”

Maximum depth of draw: 5”

Forming station: Pneumatic actuated platens with mechanical toggles

Forming pressure (max): 75 PSI with 30” x 25” mold

Index: Pneumatic, 28” max

Oven length: 75” long – 3 heat stations

Trim force: 200,000 lb.: hydraulic assist, air opperated

Trim Station (steel rule die): Pneumatic actuated platens, with mechanical toggles & hydraulic cylinder boost.

Scrap wind-up: Electric driven motor w/gear box