Used AXYZ 5010 Series, OPTIMUS, CNC Router, 5’x10’ Table, New in 2018

The AXYZ, OPTIMUS, CNC Router, 5010 Series, 5’x10’. Paid $168,000, new in 2018.

The Optimus is the most sophisticated CNC router AXYZ ever produced, is made for, high production, continuous, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing.
* On-Loading, Scissor-lift table, (2000 lb. capacity), and off-loading table with laser stop. Vacuum Jib Arm with suction cups for loading panels with gantry push-off bar for off-loading finished parts, offers users a fast and efficient way of boosting productivity and reducing costs.
Select pre-set file on pendant and walk away. Come back only to unload finished parts.
Description & Features:
* Fixed table, moving gantry nesting front to back CNC router, 60” x 120” process area.
* Total Servos on all axis ensuring maximum speed and repeatable accuracy.
* Helical Rack and Pinion drives. 10” Ball Screw on the Z Axis with 6” clearance.
* Maximum speed, 1000, IPM, aluminum, T-Slot table with multi-zone Vacuum. 220 Volts, 3 Phase.
* Internal plumbing and gauges with T-Slot capability under the spoil board.
* Heavy duty gantry bridge moves on dual rack and pinion helical drives.
* Powerful, High Speed Servo drives, ensuring exceptional performance and high speed.
* Pop-up positioning Pins.
* 10 HP HSD spindle, variable RPM 6,000 – 24,000 RPM with,
* on gantry, 10 Position Automatic Tool Changer and
* HSD 9 Spindle Vertical Boring Drill Bank.
* Control System: A2MC Controller, FPGA processor using 7 segment motion profile for
High speed complex calculations.
* Ethernet connectivity,
* Hand held pendant for file storage – 2 GIG.
* Windows PC based control system with over (75) operator programmable functions. Open architecture accepting DXF, HPGL and G-Code file formats.
* 9 HP Busch Mink, Vacuum Pump, MM 1252 AV and assorted tool holders,
* Automatic ON – Off production.
* Dual bag dust Collector

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