Used 60″ Rosenthal WAS-5-HUJEAAAC Sheeter/Slitter Machine, New in 2015

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Model – Rosenthal Sheeter – WAS-5-HUJEAAAC

This machine has seen Moderate to Light use and is in good working condition.

The Rosenthal Sheeter will feed, measure and cut off material
at desired length. The sheet is dispensed and then removed by operator.
This system is comprised of 3 stations: Unwinding, Feed, and Cut.
The systems features and specifications are as follows:

The Rosenthal Sheeter is capable of processing materials that meet the following specifications:

Maximum Web Width 60″
Minimum Web Width 10″
Maximum Roll Weight 250 lbs
Maximum Roll Diameter 36″
Maximum Roll Eccentricity .10″
Core Inside Diameter 3″
Minimum Sheet Length 5″
Maximum Sheet Length* 999″ *May be less depending on output collection method.

This machine will cut one 36 inch long sheet in 2-3* seconds and has a dynamic edge guide.

Unwind Features:
-Unwind 250 lb Maximum Capacity, 36 inch Maximum OD
-Dancer for maintaining tension control

Feed Features:
-The pulling station is powered by DC Motor
-Nip pressure roll
-Static Eliminator

Cut Features:
-Cross Cut made by Heavy Duty Scissors Action Shear Cutting Mechanism
with linear blades.
-The top blade is fixed and the bottom blade is movable with AC motor
-Blade pressure is spring loaded
-Cutting action is Shear
-Blades are hardened D2 steel.
-No tool change required for cutting specified materials
* Note Blades wear over time

Miscellaneous Features:
– Machine painted Rosenthal standard blue

Facility Requirements:
– Acceptable range of input voltages 120v, Single Phase, 60 hz – To be confirmed
– Requires 30 amp dedicated circuit
-“For optimum performance, ambient air temperature should not exceed 24 C and 60% humidity