Used 35 Ton Schwabe DG, 28″ x 34″ Sliding Table

35 Ton Schwabe DG, 28″ x 34″ sliding table,
With sliding table
Model DG
Floor standing
Ideal for cutting paper, cardboard, leather, rubber, plastics or
Distance between side frames:     38" L-R
Bed (cutting area):               28" L-R x 34" F-B
Sliding table:                    28" L-R x 34" F-B
Stroke of moving platen:          4.75" maximum
Daylight over sliding table:      Approx. 7.25" maximum
Floor to sliding table:           42"
Power unit:                       Submerged hydraulic pump, driven by
                                  Approx. 5 HP motor
Controls:                         Pushbutton operation w/stroke &
                                    pressure control
                                  Dual operator pushbuttons
Weight approx. 3500 lbs.
Overall dimensions approx. 54" L-R x 78" F-B x 60" H