Starview SP-IR-1824 Skin Packaging Machine

At a Glance:


  • Industrial Floor Model Skin Packaging Machine for 18” x 24” skin cards
  • Use for retail carded packaging or shipping containment
  • Convenient pendant mounted color touch screen HMI
  • Remote access – Ethernet standard / Wi-Fi optional
  • Efficient radiant panel heater system with multi-zone temperature control from HMI
  • Starview’s exclusive programmable turbine vacuum control standard.  Easy HMI bar graph interface
  • In-feed table, out-feed table & hot wire cut-off standard
  • Blister forming option available
  • Custom machine sizes and features quoted on request


Standard Features

  • Programmable logic control (Omron)
    • Intelligent system that allows changes or upgrades from a Starview provided flash memory
    • Ethernet connection to PLC and HMI allows remote access by customer from PC, Laptop, smartphones and tablet devices to HMI screens and PLC functions, and by Starview for program changes, diagnosis or updates when internet connected.  Optional Wi-Fi connection available
  • Pendant mounted color touch screen HMI includes:
    • Time and date displayed on all screen pages
    • System monitoring page.  Heating, vacuum and Job recipe displayed at a glance
    • Full Job Recipe storage with memory for up to 100 different recipes
    • History page with last 200 cycles stored and displayed with time and date stamp
    • Percentage heater control for each zone
    • Heat Timer
    • Heat timer override function for fine tuning film heating cycle
    • Heat hold Timer keeps heaters on while & after film clamping frame lowers to prevent film cooling
    • Vacuum Timer
    • Vacuum timer override function for fine tuning of packaging cycle
    • Vacuum delay timer
    • Variable vacuum control-adjustable over the vacuum cycle using HMI bar graph interface
    • Hot wire film cut-off timer
    • Step-up counter
    • Manual / Auto mode
    • Complete manual control of all individual functions for set up
    • Manual film clamping frame up/down control
    • Machine diagnostics with difficulty location
    • On-screen system errors for troubleshooting
    • Last 7-days alarms stored and displayed with time and date stamp
    • Electrical parts page(s)
    • Pneumatic parts page(s)
    • Mechanical parts page(s)
  • Off/On main switch/circuit breaker
  • Cycle start button
  • Emergency STOP push button
  • Radiant heater panel oven
  • Zoned heater oven
  • Automatic pneumatic oven drive
  • Manual in-feed table
  • Manual out-feed table
  • Automatic hot wire film cut-off system with impulse controller
  • Filter, Regulator & Pressure gauge & lubricator installed on airline
  • Easy access to machine for maintenance
  • Leveling feet standard – casters optional
    • Welded heavy-wall steel tube construction
    • Steel components powder coated blue color


Electrical: 208-230 Volts / 3 PH / 50 Amps
Control: 24 Volts DC
Heating system: Radiant heater panel 13.7 KW
Total number of heating zones: 2
Perimeter zone: 100% (not controlled)
Interior zone(s) with percentage controller(s): 1
Vacuum system: 1 Turbine @ 100 cfm
Maximum card size: 18” x 24”
Film width max / min: 20.5” / 20.0”
Maximum film roll diameter: 10”
Maximum product height: 10”
Air inlet size: 1/4” NPT female
Maximum air consumption per cycle: 1.2 scf @ 100 psi
Cycle times: Variable 15-45 seconds
Approximate dimensions (including in-feed & out-feed tables): 80”W x 61”D x 69”H
Working Height: 40.0”
Approximate weight: 550 LB.