New PHS1-26, 0.25″ x 26″ sealing area

Experience the Starview Advantage:


  • A heavy-duty industrial unit that can seal long clamshell packages without the need for tooling.



  • Top and bottom pressure bars heated by impulse bands heat both sides of the package to reduce process time.



  • Digital heat and cool cycle controller for process repeatability.



  • Industry leading design, construction, features and customer support.


Standard Features

  • HMI includes:
    • Sealing time 0-1000 seconds in 0.1 second increments
    • Cooling time 0-1000 seconds in 0.1 second increments
  • Main power switch
  • Foot pedal cycle start
  • Emergency STOP push button (1)
  • Pressure bar drilled for optional cooling air or water to reduce cycle times
  • Unobstructed sealing jaw
  • Jaw ends open to allow sealing of most hinged clamshells on three sides
  • Filter, Regulator, Pressure gauge
    • Heavy-duty steel construction
    • Steel components powder coated blue color


Electrical: 220 Volts / 1 PH / 16 Amps
Control: 24 Volts AC
Heating system: Impulse band
Maximum jaw opening: 0.2″
Minimum clamshell flange width: 0.375”
Optional chilled water temperature: 50-70° F
Maximum air consumption per cycle: 0.2 scf @ 100 psi
Nominal seal area: 0.25″ x 26″
Air inlet size: 1/4” NPT female
Open loading stations: 1
Cycle speed: Variable 1 to 6 on average
Approximate dimensions: 23.5”D x 30”W x 44”H
Working Height: 40.0”
Approximate weight: 200 LB.

Series Description

Starview’s PHS1 Series impulse jaw type sealing machines are used to make a continuous bar seal across one open end or side of a plastic-to-plastic clamshell package.  The standard machines feature one impulse heated sealing jaw with provision for optional air or water cooling of the jaws to improve the cycle time.  Both the upper and lower jaws are heated and cooled. Custom machines with wider sealing areas are available on request.

For machines capable of higher production rates, profile sealing and automation Starview’s PHS Rotary, PHSA Automatic Rotary and BSC II Automatic Carousel Series should be considered.

Machine Operation

The operator places the edge of the clamshell to be sealed between the sealing jaws and depresses the foot pedal momentarily to initiate the cycle.  The heating and cooling cycles are automatic and the jaws release at the end of the cycle. Since the machine operation is hands free, an operator with good dexterity could seal two identical packages at the same time depending on the package width.  Once the jaws open the operator removes the package(s) and repeats the cycle. Most hinged clamshells can be sealed on three sides by inserting the open sides one at a time.

Plastic-to-Plastic Materials that may be sealed

  • PVC & RPVC