Freedom Machine Tool Patriot Plus CNC Router, 5’x10′ Table, 11HP Spindle, 10 Station Auto Tool Changer, 15″ Z Axis Travels, 17HP Becker Vacuum Pump, New with Warranty

Patriot 5×10 Machine Details & Options

3-Axis, Moving Gantry Design – 5′ x 10′ Work Area

Rigid Steel Frame,

11HP HSD Spindle,

10 Station Auto Tool Changer with 10 Toolholder Cones

15 inch Z-axis Extension

18HP Becker VTLF 2.400 Vacuum Pump

Fagor 8037 Controller

Ethernet TCP / IP, USB and Serial Port Connections

Fagor Industrial AC Servo Motors and Amplifiers on all Axes

Ball Screw Drive Assembly on all Axes

220 Volt 3-phase Power

Dust Collection Hood for Spindle

Lifetime Technical Support

Parts Warranty

Includes 3 Day On Site Installation & Training

How the Plus Model Differs from the Standard Patriot 5’x10′ Model: 

Upgraded X & Y axis rails from 25mm to 30mm
Upgraded X-axis ball screw assembly from 25/25 to 32/32
Upgraded Z-axis ball screw assembly from 25/05 to 25/10
Upgraded bridge weldment comparable to DMS D3 series bridge

Why You Need It
The 5×10 Plus is changing the game when it comes to rigidity and versatility. This machine offers up to 15″ in Z axis clearance and to do that we had to make some very special changes to our traditional 5×10 frame. The most notable being an entirely unique bridge to the FMT line pulled directly from our D3 machines. This heavier bridge means you do not sacrifice rigidity or quality by increasing your Z axis clearance.


The FMT Patriot 5×10 CNC router is a fantastic choice when you are looking to maximize your production space in a woodworking environment. The 5×10 keeps a small footprint without sacrificing rigidity. The high-end components of this machine make it an ideal selection for custom woodworking. Options such as dust collection and automatic tool changer are among the features that separate the FMT 5×10 from the competition. We can raise the Z-axis to a total of 15″ if you require more clearance.



The 5×10 easily handles a variety of foam. From wind mill components to intricate foam models, if you need to make precision cuts in foam, the FMT is the machine for the job. Our dust collection system ensures that your work area stays as clean as possible while still delivering an exceptional cut.



The 5×10 is capable of producing exceptional cuts on acrylic material. Everything from acrylic signs to custom acrylic parts. The powerful vacuum and Fagor control give you supreme control over your production. This allows you to truly produce superior products.





The core of every FMT machine is the all steel frame. We weld & stress-relieve every frame completely in-house which allows us to control the quality and deliver a superior product. The frame is then finished off on a custom 3 Axis machine that we built just for finishing our machine frames. Learn more about this unique process…


We utilize Fagor 8037 controls on every FMT and the reason is very simple-the Fagor 8037 control is the most robust control system for production environments. The 8037 is solely dedicated to running your CNC and allows for quick & easy edits on the fly. Connect to your network or transfer files via USB. You do not need any prior experience to operate the Fagor control as our experienced technicians provide training when your machine is installed. The Fagor control pairs with virtually every software packages including: Mozaik, Vectric, Autodesk, Cabinet Vision, and much more.


Industrial Electrical Assembly

The 5×10 features an enclosed electrical component box that is completely assembled in-house. We have a dedicated electrical department responsible for this and our trained staff is great at what they do. We clearly label and organize these components so troubleshooting is a breeze.

Linear Rails

The 5×10 FMT comes standard with 30mm linear rails. This gives the FMT exceptionally smooth movement and unparalleled longevity. These rails are tuned specifically for the 5×10 and pair perfectly with the frame. The linear rails on the FMT are custom designed to reduce the wear on the motion components and provide you with the best longevity in the industry.



We have grown tight partnerships with some of the top spindle manufacturers such as HSD and offer a variety of spindle options. We can customize your machine and add additional spindles should you need it. We use our 35 years of experience to deliver you a product that we know will get the job done efficiently and precisely.


The FMT bridge is a solid piece of steel which offers enhanced rigidity and durability. Our bridge forms a strong base for our Z axis & Y axis-offering you a better cut. This custom design is unique to FMT and dramatically improves the rigidity of your machine. Our engineers have experience designing machines for some of the largest manufacturers on the planet and the FMT design delivers what we have become known for-Quality


Ball Screw Assembly

The FMT utilizes a custom recirculating ball screw assembly on the X axis, Y axis & Z axis. This reduces strain on the lead screw and delivers a superior product capable of smooth motion and enhanced longevity. Our engineers used their 35 years of experience to truly design a unique solution capable of delivering a superior cut.

Fusion 360 Ultimate

Every FMT comes with an included copy of Fusion 360 Ultimate. Within Fusion 360 you will find a customized post processor created specifically for the FMT. It cannot get more turnkey than this!