BECKER OIL-LESS VACUUM PUMP MODEL VTLF 2.250SK 12.4HP Motor – New with Warranty

Becker VTLF Pump Literature

New Becker Model VTLF 2.250 SK Dry Vane Vacuum Pump

Includes full Factory Warranty


The Becker VTLF 2.250SK Vacuum Pumps are 100% oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps. They are designed to operate on a continuous basis at any point from atmospheric pressure to a vacuum level of 24” HgV. (75 torr)

The VTLF Series pump are direct drive units and are supplied with a high efficiency TEFC, C-face, flange mounted  electric motor. Each pump is equipped with an integral vacuum relief valve, a 5u inlent filter, and vibration isolators as standard equipment.

Becker VTLF series pumps have a reputation for being exceptionally quiet. These award-winning pumps are newly redesigned to make them even quieter, and cooler running  than previous units.

These 100% oil-less, or dry, pumps are ideal for applications where oil or water is objectionable. All Becker VTLF pumps use longlife, self-lubricating graphite composite vanes. Applications include the graphic arts, packaging, vacuum chucking, robotics and material handling, medical/surgical. And air sampling, among others.

100% Oil-less operation


Cool operation

Long vane life

Inlet filters included

Discharge silencers

Direct drive

Vacuum regulators included

Minimal maintenance

Continuous duty rated