Used 24″ wide sheet extrusion downstream consisting of the following:
– 8″ diameter X 24″ wide 3-roll chill roll stack currently installed with (3) polished chrome rolls with Rotary unions. Has top and bottom air cylinder roll adjustment, each approx 3.5-4″ travel.
Additional (3) rolls available with Matt finish and included with the list price. Chill roll stack includes operator control panel, and drives for chill rolls, pull rolls and winder.
– Has (3) Sterlco temperature controllers, (1 = 12kW, 2 = 9kW).
– Includes pull roll assembly with manual tension controller, razor blade in-groove slitting station.
– Nelmor 2-position cantilever winder, serial # 7704510D, with .75 HP to each position for approximately 24″ diameter rolls. Includes edge trim grinding station with blower and cyclone. Has Contrex tension controls for the two position winder with Cooper load cell sensor and (2) Cutler Hammer Proximety Switches. Winder equipped with 3″ air shafts and 6″ expandable cores as well. 208 volt input, 1 phase.