Used 2004 Sencorp GEN II 2500 servo platen inline 32” x 34”Thermoformer Completely Rebuild, New Allan Bradley Control System

2004 Sencorp GEN II  2500 inline Thermoformer Completely Rebuild, New Allan Bradley Control System 

Upgraded, 32” x 34” Servo Trim Press Roll-Fed Thermoformer
•Mold Capacity: 32” x 34”
•40 Ton Servo Form Press: 7” Platens Stroke
•100 Ton Servo Trim Press: 7” Platens Stroke
•Auto Upper Head Height Adjustment: +/- 3.5” both Form and Trim Stations
•Servo Platen Drives – Servo Speed/Position Controls
•New Allen Bradley Machine Controls – Control-Logix PLC Based
•New Hetronik Oven Controls – 45 Zones Upper – 45 Zones Lower
•Oven Elements: Upper- Quartz Glass Cloth. Lower- Porcelain Coated Steel
•Oven Length: 140”
•Chain Rails: Extruded Aluminum Backbone, Silicon Bronze Chain Slide, #40 Double Pin-Chain
•2000lb Hoist – Tool load/unload
•Pick and Place Unload Unit: 2 Axis Servo System
•Powered Unwind Stand