Used Blister Sealers

We offer from manual to fully automated blister sealing equipment. Blister Sealers are the machine of choice for small OEM’s, contract packagers and workshops. Six and eight-station machines with standard sealing areas of 14 x 18 and 18 x 24 inches are offered. Self-standing card feeders and finished package unloaders are offered as options. ERB Series machines can produce all of the typical blister package styles including face seal, full face, double card trapped, Club style and half-clamshell.

Rotary blister machines are designed to seal a blister to a card. (A blister is a depression formed out of plastic that is normally used to hold a product.) A rotary blister machine uses a rotating disc to index the product below the heat sealing head, which is designed to seal the blister to the card. Rotary blister machines can be design to operate semi-automatically, fully automatically, or somewhere in between the two. Semi-automatic rotary blister sealers require an operator to load the blister, the product into the blister, and load the card onto the blister. These operations can be accomplished by one or more than one operators around the circumference of the rotary disc. The rotary disc then indexes below the heat sealing head where the blister card is sealed to the blister. The rotary disc indexes again to an operator who discharges the sealed blister package. A fully automatic rotary blister machine will perform all of the operations automatically without requiring operator input. Because operations can be performed concurrently at different locations on the rotary disc, rotary blister machines generally have a greater output than shuttle blister machines

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