How to buy the right used thermoformer or CNC router for your business

Finding competitively priced, used machinery can make an important difference in your bottom line.

But in the concern to ensure the best purchase price for used machinery, it’s easy to overlook important factors that could affect the long-term cost the equipment will represent to your business.

Before you shake hands and commit to that used machinery purchase, take a minute and ask the questions and consider the following. Some of the suggestions are obvious, some are more subtle, but the money you save over the long run will make it all worthwhile.

  • Check the machine under power if possible  to make sure it’s in acceptable working condition.
  • Do you need secondary equipment , chiller, vacuum pump, compressor, grinders or a die cutting press
  • Will the used equipment require  dismantling by a professional rigger to load on a flat bed truck
  • Do you need to send  someone from your staff to oversee the dismantling in order to reassemble equipment
  • Are , schematics, prints and maintenance manuals available? Can they be purchased from OEM
  • Is it the machine the right size for the product you intend to make?
  • What will be the cost to transport the used equipment to your facility.


  • When you buy the equipment make sure it’s from a reputable dealer since he can answer these questions

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